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1. FOUNDATIONAL BIRTH HOROSCOPE (Janam Kundali) – Character Analysis & Intuitive Reading

General life overview including your nature, personality, inborn and hidden qualities as well as in-depth study of specific life domains. Your birth horoscope analysis will clarify your life purpose and focus and help you make peace with the good and bad events in your life.


-CHARACTER ANALYSIS – Sometimes it is essential to take remedial measures such as a change of behavior, attitude, diet change or activities to help you improve upon your character, personality and situation.   Our attitudes and subsequent behaviours can be the greatest factor to support or interfere with success in any endeavor.  

-INTUITIVE READING – If you do not have any particular issues you’d like to explore, but are curious to know more about yourself, this free-form reading will give you big picture indicative predictions and insights.


A gist of all life domains like personality, career – job & business, medical – health, illness & psychology, personal relationships, education, foreign travel, overall life purpose etc.  is included in the Birth horoscope.


2. HORARY HOROSCOPE READING (Question-Focused Horoscope/ Prashna Kundali)

In-depth research on a specific question/life domain based on the current period. This chart does not require your birth time. Get clarity and psychological closure for effective decision-making in the domain addressed.


This reading is useful when you are looking for an answer to a particular question. Most yes or no questions with the aim of decision-making can be addressed, for example: ‘Will my illness be cured?, Will I go abroad to work?, Will I end up marrying her?, Am I with the right guy?’ etc. This method requires a clear and concise question with a yes or no answer and if yes, then when. If you need help clarifying the question, Deepika can help you formulate it in such a way that it resonates with your need but also results in a useful answer.


Accurately calculate your chart by ascertaining your rising sign and providing useful information even without knowing the specific time of your birth.


a. To ascertain accurate birth time when you do not have a written birth record with the exact birth time on it or when you are not certain of the exact timing within ± 5 to 8 minutes, ± 20 to 40 minutes and ± 3 to 4 hours.


b. When you have your birth time but are uncertain whether it is in the day or night.


c. To find the birth time within 24 hours when you only have your birth date and place details to find out the correct rising sign and provide useful information even without a specific time. For this service, your date and place of birth (exact location, city, state, country), approximate time range of birth and a list of important life events along with when they happened are needed.


Please note that without an accurate time of birth the chart shows less information so birth time rectification within ± 5 to 8 minutes is included with all birth chart readings. All other birth time rectifications are available upon request for an additional fee.


Understand the good and difficult phases in your career. If you are stuck in your job or business, then you can gain the information you need to help you smoothly divert your route to reach the desired destination. This service answers many questions regarding a promotion, change in job, abusive boss or colleagues, starting a new business and everything related to your career. Please make sure to mention a brief background of your career, the current situation and hurdles, if any, in your email.

5. MEDICAL HOROSCOPE CONSULTATION – Health, Illness & Psychology

Focused research on your general health information and how to keep your health in balanced harmony with your environment through practical lifestyle advice. Health & immunity level will be predicted to help you take precautions depending upon your symptoms or even before symptoms manifest and worsen. Good health improves your state of mind. Please make sure to mention the health issues, if any, in your email.


Compare your horoscope with the other party to study your relationship with them and identify areas of compatibility or struggle. This study is used to analyze a business partnership, a marriage, a love interest, parents, siblings, children, in-laws, friends, neighbors, bosses, subordinates, juniors, servants etc. You will develop a deeper understanding of the needs of both parties, identify areas of potential conflict and ways to resolve complications. Please make sure to mention the issues, if any, in your email.



For this consultation, basic information can be identified using only your birth details.


For a deeper analysis, you will also need to share the birth details of the other party. This method requires preparing the charts of both parties and will therefore incur an additional fee at a 50% discount on your partner’s chart.


In India, it is an ancient tradition to consult an astrologer for a marriage compatibility chart before marriage. Whether you are considering a traditional Indian arranged marriage or a modern western love marriage (a modern Indian trend, but common practice in the West, in which the couple select each other based on emotional attraction) a marriage compatibility chart will help you identify the overall potential of your planned match, the strengths, the challenges and how to optimize the match.  A marriage compatibility chart can help you avoid getting stuck in a toxic or dead-end relationship. There are certain planets in your charts that support a marriage and there are some that don’t. Sometimes a love relationship goes smooth and strong, but things get ugly post marriage. Sometimes a maximum of gunas (qualities) match while comparing your charts but you still experience disturbances. The remaining gunas that did not match may negatively affect a marriage. An in-depth comparative analysis considers relationship compatibility from many angles that a traditional Indian Guna-Milan doesn’t. This results in more intuitive prediction. If you are requesting a marriage compatibility chart, please indicate whether it is for a love-marriage or an arranged marriage in your email.


For this consultation, I will require your partner’s data along with yours. As I will prepare two people’s horoscopes there will be an additional fee.


When relationships start falling apart you can consider taking corrective measures to gain a mature outlook toward resolving the issues. It’s a matter of getting to the root cause of the trouble. A comparative analysis of both the partner’s horoscopes is done to find out whether their planets support them to mend ways or if it is wise to move on toward new beginnings. Please give a brief description of your relationship issues in your email.



For this consultation, basic information can be identified using only your birth details.



For a deeper analysis, you will also need to share the birth details of the other party. This method requires preparing the charts of both parties and will therefore incur an additional fee at a 50% discount on your partner’s chart.


Guidance in all areas surrounding pregnancy and childbirth. Astrology will make it clear if there is a child in your destiny. If having your own child looks difficult, your childbirth consultation will help you determine the most conducive alternate methods of having a child such as the best medical approach, timing or adoption. Please make sure to mention the issues, if any, in your email.



For this consultation, basic information can be identified using only your birth details.


For a deeper analysis, you will also need to share the birth details of the other party. This method requires preparing the charts of both parties and will therefore incur an additional fee at a 50% discount on your partner’s chart.


Preparing your child’s horoscope can help address two main areas:

a. Develop deeper understanding of your child: Learn to adapt your parenting style and skills to his or her particular needs. Here I will prepare only the child’s horoscope to guide him toward education and other activities like sports, music etc. that can help him in taking future career decisions. Some kids struggle with academics and there is a need to identify their strengths so that they can pursue a career aligned to their undiscovered passion. Please make sure to mention the hurdles, if any, in your email.

b. Parental or sibling compatibility: Comparison charts (with parents & siblings) evoke the issues and solutions of your relationship with your child. You will identify and learn to take care of his or her exact emotional needs. A comparison of siblings’ charts can help parents cope with sibling rivalry. Please make sure to mention the hurdles, if any, in your email.

For this consultation, you will need to share the birth details of the parent or of the sibling along with your child’s details. This method requires preparing the charts of both parties and will therefore incur an additional fee at a 50% discount on the parent’s or sibling’s chart.

11. EDUCATION HOROSCOPE CONSULTATION – Domestic, National & Abroad Studies

Considering education at any stage of life is an important question. This chart allows you to ask questions related to school, college or university admissions - performance issues, exams and the choice of whether or not to pursue higher education. Learn about your performance and capability for competitive or entrance exams. You can explore the potential of study abroad, in a different city or whether you should choose to stay close to home for your studies. Please make sure to mention the hurdles, if any, in your email.



Find out whether you will be successful in buying or selling a property and the most conducive times. Please make sure to mention if you are already trying to buy or sell a property and facing any hurdles, if any, in your email.



Know whether you will move to a foreign country either to study or relocate. Everybody’s destiny indicates different kinds of foreign travel. Some move to study and then return back to their country, some move to work on a project basis and return back to their country, some move to relocate for good etc. You can identify what your horoscope indicates to help you plan for the greatest clarity and success in your endeavours abroad. Please make sure to mention if you have been thinking of or trying to move abroad for any reason and faced hurdles, in your email.


14. GOOD TIMINGS & FORECAST (Shubh Muhurat)

Determine auspicious times to start a new event in life like a job interview, initiate marriage proposals, weddings, switch jobs, purchase or sale of property, surgery dates, travel plans, start a new business etc. Events generate a more positive outcome if it is initiated at a favorable time.  Please make sure to mention for which event you wish to analyze the shubh muhurat (good timing), in your email.



Learning about the effects of the current movement of all the planets and its impact on the planets deposited in different houses in your birth horoscope can help you identify the current moods in all areas of life in the short term. This helps in making immediate and short-term decisions for the coming months. As you get the overview of current happenings and wish to further do an in-depth analysis of a particular domain, please make sure to mention that in your email.



Revisit your past issues or choose new areas to look at.  You may find it helpful to have a follow-up session every 3-6 months or once a year to keep your life on track and address any issues that may arise in your day-to-day life. We can re-evaluate how you are walking your karmic path or dig deeper into your self-understanding.



A spiritual healing method of empowered union of divine shakti (power). This energy healing is done from any distance and from any part of the world. It will help you find inner peace, heal body pains, alleviate mental stress & pressure, clear negative energies to boost self-confidence, re-harmonize shaken relationships, recover from illness, growth at work and remove any hurdles or obstacles. Please make sure to mention the problem that needs healing, in your email.



Book Deepika to give an inspiring talk on Destiny Management and/or individual readings for attendees. This is ideal for pre-engagement parties, friends’ reunions, family and other gatherings.



+ flight, accommodation and all expenses


Deepika is an avid public speaker. With precision, clarity and charm, Deepika inspires audiences toward greater self-knowledge and empowerment. Deepika is available worldwide for public lectures and seminars on Destiny Management. Whether you are looking to capture your audience at a corporate or a social event, Deepika will uplift participants and incite them toward their own greater destiny. 

Deepika also offers half day, full day and multiple day seminars. Using Destiny Management, interactive and introspective exercises, your audience will dive deep into the realms of self-knowledge, learn how to build better relationships through developing their emotional intelligence, listening and communication skills and learn to identify and tackle any issues they may be facing, intrapersonally, interpersonally or in any area of their life.

Special offer: Invite Deepika to speak on your podcast and receive a complementary reading of your choice.




  • Appointments are available upon request.

  • If the time of birth is uncertain, you will require a birth time rectification service before choosing from the other services I offer.

  • Once you make the payment send an email or Whatsapp message with your birth details in the below format:


        Name :

        Gender :

        Date of birth [DD/MM/YYYY] :

        Time of birth :

        Exact location, City and Country of Birth :

  • All consultations include preparing and studying your charts in advance followed by a one-hour Destiny Management consultation either in person or online. Your digital charts report will be provided to you via email.

  • Please note that in addition to the computer-generated chart that you will receive during your consultation, I prepare my charts manually as this allows greater depth and precision for your reading.

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